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Dec 9, 2019
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Adapting to change is vital for growth. And for businesses, investing in digital experiences ensures the growth of an organization.

According to a 2017 SAP report, 84% of organizations think that digital transformation is important to their success. While 96% of the global digital leaders see digital transformation as a core business goal manifested in the way their companies behave.

When the top of the corporate food chain is mostly occupied by tech companies, it is only natural for other business to emulate the formula to the same heights. This means leveraging key tech innovations like big data, predictive analysis, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and RPM.

It is not surprising to see even traditional industries like healthcare and construction molding themselves as a tech company. In 2013, during the Gartner Symposium, Peter Sondergaard said that “every company is a technology company.” In 2019 over 110 companies describe themselves as a “tech” business when filing for an IPO.

It is easy to be swayed by technological disruption, especially when it continues to reinvent what we know and what we do. But for Sudhir Agarwal, CEO of Everise, a global customer experience company, this should not deviate businesses from the true keys to becoming successful — the investment in people, a focus on the changing needs of customers, and the will to act.

“You have to keep challenging yourselves and especially with technology, with the way things are moving. If you accept the norms, you will not continue to grow,” Agarwal reminded industry leaders during the Everise Summit 2019.

In today’s experience economy, enterprises should continue to innovate by becoming customer-centric. By leveraging technology to elevate customer experiences, companies return the focus on what is really important, which are their customers.

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