Posted by Everise on Apr 14, 2020
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Apr 14, 2020
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The past few weeks we took part in one of the largest cultural transformations in history as Everise, and the world moved, into our homes. Gagan Mehta, Executive Vice President of Operations, shares with us a message of gratitude to the Everisers who made this extraordinary feat possible.



We are humbled to see our core values reflected through the actions of our champions. Without the cooperation of everybody involved during the work transition period, this would not have been possible.


"What you Everisers have been able to achieve is nothing short of extraordinary. We, as an organization, were able to move 90% of our workforce to the safety of our homes and this could not have been possible without your support, commitment and more importantly your resilience," says Gagan Mehta. 


Once again, our gratitude goes out to everyone who went the extra mile to ensure the safety of our Everisers and made the continuity of business for Everise possible. 


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