Posted by Everise on Mar 10, 2020
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Recently, Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, called for schools around Japan to shut down amid the growing restrictions to control the spread of COVID-19. As cases increase in California and other global hubs, more businesses are looking to the benefits of a work-at-home program.

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus is a serious illness, that the World Health Organization (WHO) and international community at large is taking very seriously. As governments and businesses diligently work to mitigate the risks for their employees, maintaining a customer-centric approach becomes more difficult, but still achievable. 

There are two main strategies that businesses can look at to ensure their customers are still well supported. 


While COVID-19 has spread to many parts of the world, there are some that have had more time to contain the spread, and there are others still, where the number of cases are still low. 

For example, SIngapore and Malaysia have both received international praise as for their containment efforts. Malaysia's multicultural environment also makes it a prime location to deliver multilingual support.

Meanwhile, Latin America still has very low reported cases. While Guatemalan officials have raised the alert level to yellow, this has been a precautionary measure to keep their infected count at zero.

You can find a live update of the spread of the disease here as well as more information from the WHO here.

*Since writing this, Malaysia, Philippines and Guatemalan governments have announced, however Everise is remaining operational via our expanded Work-at-home program. Read more on our commitment to remain operational here



Delivering customer support from home requires a ready, trained workforce who have access to hardware in their home, as well as a secure virtual desktop environment, for which your agents to operate out of. Setting this up internally takes time, so working with a trusted partner ensures you can scale a work-at-home support program.


As healthcare customer experience experts with a proven Home-based Agent program, Everise has a scalable solution to ensure that your business is able to safely continue supporting your customers. 


Contact Us to learn more about how Everise can mitigate risks today and maintain your customer focus amidst these times. 


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