Posted by Sudhir Agarwal on Mar 17, 2020
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Mar 17, 2020
Posted By: Sudhir Agarwal

As a global experience company, we have been responding to the rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) for some time. Our mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and that we remain committed to supporting your business and customers around the world.



As a people-first company, we took steps early on, in-line with WHO and CDC best practices, to ensure the health and safety of staff and clients at each of our global experience centers.

  • We have instituted a travel ban for all staff.
  • All centers have been locked down from outside visitors.
  • All support staff who can work from home have been instructed to do so.
  • We have been checking the temperature of all employees who enter our centers on a daily basis.
  • There are increased cleaning practices of frequently touched surfaces, and an enhanced “Clean Desk Policy” for all staff. We are also completing an after-hours sanitization process as an extra measure.
  • Hand sanitizer and face masks are available in all lobbies and common areas.
  • Leadership has mandated a "stay at home" policy for anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms.
  • We have implemented a Covid-19 Hotline for employee questions and comments.



The situation is changing daily, and most governments where Everise operates have announced a lockdown, but at this time we remain open for business in all markets.

To enable this, we have expanded the capacity of our successful Home-Based Agent program, which will enable up to 50% of our global champions to work from home. In doing so, we are prioritizing staff on a need basis.



We continue to closely monitor all government announcements that may impact our people and customers, and an Emergency Response Team, led by Everise President, Dave Palmer, and consisting of our leadership team, meets virtually on a daily basis to review the latest COVID-19 developments where we proactively put plans into action that mitigate any risks to your business or our people.

This is a rapidly evolving and unprecedented scenario that we find ourselves in and I appreciate the continued trust and support of our people and partners to get through it together.