Posted by Everise on Nov 10, 2021
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In this Tenured Champions edition of our People of Everise series, we're heading over to Guatemala and featuring one of our tenured Guatemalan Champs who has evolved with us throughout his career. Meet Christopher Aguirre, Director of Operations for Everise Guatemala!

Chris is a vital part of our Guatemalan Everise family, and as Director, has helped guide the career evolution of many of our Champions in Guatemala. In our interview with Chris, he shares his passion for agriculture, the important lessons he learned during his tenure, and the skills he believes can help people grow and evolve in the BPO industry.



One of Chris's main passions, aside from fulfilling his responsibilities in Everise, is agriculture. Agriculture provides the backbone of Guatemala's economy, contributing to 25 percent of the country's GDP, but for Chris, it's more of a passion project. Chris's love for farming eventually led him to run his own dragonfruit farm, and he has plans to continue growing his business and export his farm's products outside Guatemala.

"Something I'm passionate about is farming and agriculture. I run a small dragonfruit farm. Our plans right now, it's to continue to grow those opportunities and outside of the country and then be able to export our fruits to Europe, to the US, and other countries."


Farming heavily influenced Chris's personal life and molded his perspective. Aside from being a good source of income, it taught him how to value patience and sustainable growth. For Chris, this also applies to his role in guiding our Champions, and he shares his personal philosophy in nurturing progressive ideals that positively impact the growth of every person he comes across in the industry.

"With agriculture, you've got to be very patient. You cannot rush it. You cannot apply unnecessary pressure. It's exactly the same that happens with this type of industry. You need to seed your people with good principles. You need to seed your people with good practices ."


During his 8-year journey with Everise, Chris acquired valuable experiences that changed the way he viewed his role. For him, working and supporting the healthcare industry in Guatemala was one of the most important and fulfilling responsibilities that he committed to - a duty that he and his team are proud to be part of to this day.

"One of the biggest initiatives that I've supported is the launch of the healthcare industry in Guatemala. We're pioneers in the country with Everise supporting that type of business."


Chris believes that change will always be constant, and instead of fearing it, we should embrace it. He closes out our interview by sharing the importance of viewing change as opportunities to evolve at work and in life and how it made an impact in his role at Everise.

"One of the skills that you need to have to grow in this type of industry is that you've got to be fearless of change. With change comes opportunity, and with opportunity comes growth. We always seek for advancement, we always seek for process improvement, and we always seek to make our clients feel satisfied that it's a good place to have business here by having the right candidates and the quality of people to perform the job."



At Everise, we ensure that we put the spotlight on the people behind our success. That’s why we are featuring employees from different walks of life and shedding a little light on the people of Everise. Learn more about our Guatemala Experience Center and our people just like Chris today!


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