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Oct 14, 2020
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We continue our celebration of diversity by featuring more of our people with Hispanic backgrounds in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Meet Roberto Sagastume, Site Director for Everise Guatemala. In this episode of People of Everise, Roberto describes the beauty of Guatemala and its rich cultural heritage, while sharing his passion for automobiles and the people-first culture within Everise.

Roberto has been with Everise since 2016, working diligently as a Site Director for our Guatemala operations. As an automobile enthusiast, Roberto shares his love for automobiles and car restorations. He’s currently working on a personal project of restoring a classic vehicle. For Roberto, his fascination with automobiles are more than just a hobby; he considers it as his personal passion outside of work.


I started with Everise in August 15, 2016, so it’s been a little over four years now. I have a high attraction for automobiles. I have a project of restoring a classic vehicle that I’m working on right now, and I love to do mechanics. These are my passions aside from work. “


As a native of Guatemala, Roberto describes the beauty of his home country. For him, Guatemala has everything he needs in one place, with its vibrant history and deep-rooted Mayan heritage adding to what he loves most about the country. Roberto is also proud of the diversity within Guatemala communities, which he believes is a result of various cultural heritages passed down from their forefathers.

“Guatemala is a beautiful country. We have everything that you could desire in one single place. We have the North side of the country with all the history about our Mayan culture and our heritage from the Mayans. I would say that the greatest characteristic about Guatemala is the diversity that Guatemala shows within its region, and also within the different heritages that we have from our ancestors.”


On his journey with Everise, Roberto reflects on the culture he experienced within our organization. He describes how being people-oriented is more than just a slogan; and that Everise has consistently put the interests of our people first. Roberto also believes that our people-first culture is an important factor in the accomplishments we have made as a company, and it is something that the people of Everise collectively practice.

“Ever since the company started, it has been nothing but success thanks to the commitment of the team and the great group of professionals that we have. What we practice here at Everise is that we are a people-oriented company. It’s easy to say, it’s harder to get it done, but we have that characteristic of putting the interests of our people, which we know is the main key of the puzzle.”


Roberto ends the interview with a few words of wisdom describing our culture of leadership within Everise. He also shares how our celebration of diversity allows our people to achieve more as an organization while developing personal and professional growth.

“Leadership, at the end of the day, is action and not position. We get the opportunity to interact with people from different regions of the world with different cultures and also different personalities. It has made us better, and it helped us continue to grow.“


At Everise, we ensure that we put the spotlight on the people behind our success. That’s why we are featuring employees from different walks of life and shedding a little light on the people of Everise. Learn more about our award-winning culture and our people just like Roberto today!


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