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Mar 5, 2020
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To help high growth companies meet the needs of their customers and scale nimbly the globe, Everise has integrated our acquisitions into a single-source solution for high-growth companies.

Our cutting-edge solutions include multilingual, native language voice intelligence solutions, virtual helpdesk assistants, AI-powered chatbots,  as well as enabling pre-release field and beta testing of Internet of Things (IoT) products, among traditional services.

Headquartered in Singapore, Everise is a global experience company that provides end-to-end omnichannel customer service solutions for Fortune 500 companies and renowned unicorns.

“We have strived since our inception in 2016 to build a company that offers brands CX transformation across all their customer touchpoints, and today that is what we do,” said Sudhir Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Everise. “We are reinventing the BPO business model by enabling our clients to transform their consumers into fans and by driving passion for their products – because we offer a seamless, empathetic experience of their brand.”



A holistic customer experience is critical in today’s economy, because superior customer experience creates loyalty and drives sales. In 2018, Deloitte found that disruptive outsourcing is enabling competitive advantage and that robotic process automation (RPA) is gaining widespread acceptance across industries and functional areas. In fact, 72% of companies surveyed were considering using RPA.


“Currently, our deep domain expertise is in healthcare and we are moving into the ultra-high growth space of Connected Health. For tech companies, we are uniquely placed to deliver product experience (PX) solutions as we are the first BPO partner to offer a comprehensive line of Smart Home, IoT and software product focused services,” added Agarwal.



Everise CX (Customer Experience)

Previously known as C3/CustomerContactChannels, Everise CX is a premium multilingual, omnichannel support solution that works across voice, email, chat, AI-powered chatbots and video or social media. Native speakers with full proficiency in 20 languages are the backbone of CX and experience centers are strategically located across the Americas, Europe and Asia.


Everise DX (Digital Experience)

Everise DX (Hyperlab) offers a proprietary interactive Voice Intelligence solution to relieve pressure during peak inbound call times. The solution comprises an AI-powered chatbot and virtual assistant technology. It also helps improve new hire onboarding experiences as it can screen candidates or act as a virtual helpdesk assistant.


Sheena Ponnappan, Everise’s Chief People Officer, knows this from firsthand experience. She said, “We have 12,000 employees, over 10% of whom work remotely. To help with the onboarding process we deployed DX as new hire onboarding chatbots, which has resulted in reduced attrition rates and higher employee satisfaction (ESAT) scores.”



Everise PX (Product Experience)

Previously known as Trusource Labs, Everise PX offers pre-release field and beta testing on Internet of Things (IoT) products, from the unboxing experience through to determining how the user interacts with instructions and product installations. As well as troubleshooting, PX presents concise, specific guidance to fix potential issues by pre-empting a customer’s problem. Other value-added services that PX addresses are fraud detection and prevention for connected device makers, as well as content moderation.

As a company, Everise brings operational excellence and a cultural ethos of diversity, inclusion and sustainability, enhancing the customer experience.


“Ultimately, we aim to ensure that a future exists where technology is powered by people, is for the benefit of people and, where services are transparent when it comes to cost and their intrinsic value,” concluded Agarwal.


Read the press release here.


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