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Dec 5, 2019
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At Everise, we understand the importance of learning from our experiences as well as learning from others. And who’s better to learn from than our leaders! That’s why, for this month, we are featuring William Foo, Chief Financial Officer of Everise. He shares some of the events that has shaped the leader that he is today. He also talks about some of the things that he would still love to do in his lifetime.

Where is your dream travel destination?

I was recently in Maldives, where I spent a week in a beautiful little island. This was my second time there and I really enjoyed it. My ideal holiday would be a place similar to that – where I can sit back, relax and basically just chill. I’ve heard some good things about Seychelles, and I plan to visit there someday.

What activities you like to do to bond with your family?

My wife and I sometimes do a little hiking during weekends. Nothing too difficult though!

Among all your accomplishments, which one is the most fulfilling?

I wouldn’t say I have accomplished much, but being in a position to lead, manage and mentor people is something I really enjoy. I’m very thankful to have the opportunity to impact lives.

What are your tips for any young professional struggling to make it?

Perseverance and Grit – two very underrated character traits but extremely important to succeed in life. Being smart and having the right credentials are all good, but the best people persevere in difficult circumstances. They may not always succeed the first-time round, but the ability to bounce back from failure (i.e. being gritty) distinguishes the best from the rest.

Each and everyone’s experiences are important in shaping who we are and how we make decisions. Find out more about our animated team and their experiences today.


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