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Nov 5, 2019
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There is a saying that goes, “For every thousand hacking the leaves of the problem, there is one striking at the root.” Businesses should target the underlying issues before it happens.

And this is what Everise, a global customer experience company, believe when they launched Systematic Insights®, a data-driven methodology for improving CX by helping businesses innovate their products and services.

During the 2019 Everise Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Peter Butler, the General Manager of Systematic Insights® program at Everise Product Experience (PX), shared the inspiration behind its invention. 

“You have a group of agents who have all experienced the same conversation they had over and over with customers. It is sort of a way of life in a contact center, people accept this, they know, but what we aren’t asking a lot of times: how do we resolve this?” Peter Butler adds, “the agents may be thinking: it would be nice if someone could come up with a solution so we could stop having the same conversations over and over again and that's why we created Systematic Insight process.”

From forgotten passwords to FAQs, questions that are repeatedly asked by customers means there is an underlying problem.

“Systematic Insights is a data-driven approach. We train our agents to ask the questions about the underlying issues, to get to that root cause.” Butler continues, “so what they do is they’ll isolate those issues by gathering data with targeted probing questions, capture and document the customer experience, isolate the driving force (root cause), and test for accuracy and resolution.”

Systematic Insights® can be applied at all levels of the product life cycle but applying it at the earliest stage would yield better results.

“This is something that the earlier in the process that you apply the Systematic Insight® methodology, the better your product will be when it does get out to the market,” Butler evangelizes.

He goes on to explain the remarkable results Systematic Insights® yields:

  • Support contacts decrease
  • Reduced appeasements
  • Hardware, software, and firmware issues are addressed earlier
  • Customers gain usable data on their customer journey

At Everise, finding out the underlying issues and solving them on a global scale is the true measure of a good CX strategy.

Elevating Experiences by Understanding Customer Behavior

A data-driven approach like Systematic Insights® enable companies to use key information that help them understand their customer’s behavior and prepare for issues that could happen in the mass production. The information is also vital in understanding where teams should strategically spend their resources.

Butler shares that Everise also applies Systematic Insights® into our own operations.

“We even have used it internally to apply on our own QA processes. So, the way that we evaluate how our contacts has changed. We used to look at the interactions themselves...Now what we're looking at is that person as a whole - the behaviors that drive the way that the agents support customers,” Butler said.

Innovation makes a company stand out in a sea of competitors hungry for their customer's attention. Combining customer feedback, systematic insights and looking at the QA process and customer journey enable companies to gather necessary data that would innovate products and services and propel customer experiences. This lessens support calls and improve customer satisfaction, proving that the best customer experience is one that never requires support.

Find out more about Systematic Insights® here or contact us to learn how we can apply Systematic Insights to your business.

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