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Jun 22, 2020
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This month of June, we are celebrating Pride Month. Pride is a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, but it is also about fighting for acceptance across the world. This year, we are showing our support by launching a new experience solution experience for brands who want a 100% boost of love into their customer experience - The Love Experience (LX).

June was chosen to remember the Stonewall Inn riots against a police raid in New York City which sparked the movement toward equality. The LGBT flag, created by American artist, gay rights activists and U.S. army veteran, Gilbert Baker, made its debut in 1978 as a symbol for the gay and lesbian political movement. Each color of the flag has a specific meaning: red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for harmony, and violet for spirit. Since then, the LGBTQ+ has made sweeping progress thanks to advocates and allies around the world. 

The LX Heartbeat Headset was created to spark dialogue about how change has to come from within – it represents a vehicle for communication and is intended to remind people that no matter who is on the other end of the line, it is important to listen with an empathetic ear and turn any hateful speech into an open and tolerant dialogue. 

Why should businesses care?

The workplace should be a safe and comfortable space for everyone, and businesses have the responsibility of keeping it that way. For many LGBTQ+ employees, this isn't always the case, and workplace discrimination often goes unnoticed. But if businesses were to introduce policies and measures that support the LGBTQ+ community, it could have a direct impact on individuals, which can lessen discrimination and increase openness.

According to The Business Impact of LGBT-Supportive Workplace Policies report by the Williams Institute, LGBTQ+ employees who make an effort to hide their identity in the workplace experience higher levels of stress and anxiety. These can lead to work-related complaints and health problems in the long run.

Research from Catalyst found that LGBTQ+ employees often face hostility in the workplace, with 20% of LGBTQ+ Americans experiencing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity when applying for jobs, in which LGBTQ+ people of color were also 32% more likely to experience the same type of discrimination.

Additionally, their studies show that inclusive work cultures determine whether LGBTQ+ employees leave or stay, with 25% of them reporting that they chose to stay in their jobs due to an LGBTQ+ inclusive work environment, and 10% of them reporting that they left a job because the work environment did not accept LGBTQ+ people.

By creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive environment, LGBTQ+ staff can be themselves, feel more welcome, and thrive within any company.


A little Love goes a long way.

Everise proves that celebrating diversity and championing causes like pride can have real business impact as well. Employees were encouraged to share their thoughts in support of the Love Experience campaign.


Josh Brown, VP of Client Services and Sales for Everise, based in the U.S., met his future husband while at Everise, as well as a work family.

"It was during my time with Everise that I grew the most professionally and personally.  I was met with open arms and a team who continues to invest in me. I grew into a person I could be proud of - a person I could love.”


Colton Rea, a Trainer in McGregor, Texas, shares how loving yourself is what matters most.

"After coming out, I realized that I shouldn't worry about someone else's definition of love, all that matters is that I love myself. Ultimately, it was my Everise family who showed me this. I can't thank them enough for this amazing journey - I wouldn’t change a thing.” 


Yanyan Tenefrancia, an Operations Manager in Manila, shares her story of transitioning into the proud and confident woman that she is today.

"I am living proof that we really accept people of all backgrounds, regardless of your sex, sexual orientation, race, or religion. They’ve been very, very supportive in all aspects in this company."


Sri Ganesh Nair, Marketing Lead for Everise DX, based in Kuala Lumpur, expresses his appreciation for his Everise family and for the people who provided him with an accepting environment to share his ideas.

"I am blessed that my family and friends have never judged me based on who I choose to love.  At Everise, I have experienced the same level of acceptance. I have never had to hide who I am. It is this acceptance that helps me be more open and share my ideas. You should never underestimate someone's level of openness and acceptance."
Dennis "HumanPanda" Francisco, Senior Manager, Marketing & Brand, based in Manila, offers his own words of advice for fellow LGBTQ+ members and expresses his gratitude for Everise's inclusive environment, which allowed him to express himself more freely, happily and passionate.
"Just be yourself - nothing beats authenticity. When you can confidently craft your own identity, you will almost always leave a lasting impression on those around you. As a senior mentor, who handles the creative team from Manila here in Everise, I'm grateful enough to share my ideologies, creativity, and passion without fear of judgement from my colleagues, as Everise celebrates diversity!" 

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