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Apr 16, 2020
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Everise provides premium customer support for many vital industries, but our sector of deepest domain expertise is undoubtedly healthcare, where our primary specialty is member and provider support for health insurance companies. Within the insurance space, we specialize in serving Medicare patients – precisely the group at highest risk for complications caused by COVID-19.

We have always taken very seriously our commitment to this group - these support services are critical to the health and well-being of many Americans. That's why transitioning 90% of our champions into a home-based CX model was so crucial.

"You all are doing an excellent job of facilitating work at home for your people and our members. Thank you! Great way to end the day by more than doubling the work-at-home capability and even better to know that we will see more progress tomorrow! We thank you!"  
- Vice President, Leading Healthcare Clinical Pharmacy Review 


Simply amazing work here everyone – super impressed as you achieved a 98% deployment ratio which is better than most domestic sites."
- Vice President, Leading Health Insurer


Ensuring we continue to serve with empathy is even more important during a global crisis, and we are proud to say we have done so. We support people of all backgrounds and impact their lives in many ways. 

"I cannot tell you how this letter has touched my heart. This member is dealing with cancer and has enough on their mind without having to worry about continually calling because we didn’t get it right the first time.  Thank you for remembering that [she] is a person, one who just wanted to feel like someone heard her and felt her issue matters.  She is not just a member or a number, but she is first and foremost a human being." 
- Vice President, Leading Health Insurer


Beyond our nimble transition to work-at-home, we also add value to our healthcare customers by applying our proprietary Systematic Insights® data analysis and process improvement methodologies. Previously proven to significantly enhance the product user experience, we applied it to healthcare and achieved significant improvements to agent performance and customer satisfaction.

[Everiseproactively innovates and suggest ideas about how they can do more instead of just getting comfortable.
Vice President, Leading Health Insurer

At Everise, going the extra mile not only for our healthcare partners, but all of our partners, is encoded in our DNA. We offer innovative, crisis-resilient solutions that can be applied to any industry. We're very proud to have exceptional support from our partners, and particularly fortunate to be able to provide support to vulnerable populations today. 


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