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Apr 23, 2021
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Recently Parks Associates, a connected device intelligence firm, hosted their first session in a series of events in 2021 dedicated to exploring and understanding the ever-growing video streaming landscape with a focus on Over The Top (OTT) services, which is video streaming via the internet. OTT services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Vidgo and others, continue to grow and surpass traditional broadcast television and cable providers.

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This change is inspired by many factors, the top being price and desired content. As this data presented at the most recent Parks event shows. OTT means you pay less and get more of what you want -- so it’s no surprise people are switching. 

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In a world where OTT video technology is swiftly becoming the norm the gap in tools to easily navigate the various platforms is ever-present. Remotes are notorious for being confusing and difficult to work with, often more than one needed for a television to function properly. Now add multiple streaming services on top of that and you’re nearing a perfect storm of interface confusion.  


Filtering content on all apps to get the show you want can be quite the task, a task that even the best of remotes can’t seem to tackle seamlessly. So, the question is this - is a remote the answer? Or is the best direction to look for innovation a user-friendly interface that can organize app clutter for seamless experience that a simple remote or app can drive.  


  • Simple enough that a travel-tired visitor doesn’t need to fumble for more than a few moments in order to find mental escape on the big screen.  
  • Simple enough that your parents don’t need to call you for help in order to watch a show.  
  • Simple enough for your visiting friend to easily pull up an interesting video they found online on your TV.  

Great developments, those habit-changing innovations that change the function of our lives, happen when there is a gap between what we have and what we want. The path to it being successfully incorporated is ease. OTT video has blossomed for many reasons. People like to control the content they consume. Modern life is busy, and people like to choose when, where, what and how they watch.  


People want to sacrifice their free time to content they deem worthy. They like to create their entertainment landscape to fit their needs, lifestyle, and interests. There is a gap when it comes to reaching said content, and it’s a gap that needs to be filled via a remote or a user interface. It will be interesting to see what technology will be able to bridge this gap.


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