Posted by Everise on May 4, 2020
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May 4, 2020
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As the novelty wears off, the realities that come with remote working are sinking in. The pandemic has forced people to adapt their daily routines and change their habits to accommodate a new way of working. 

Some of these changes have been convenient.  Zero commute times and not needing to dress formally below the waist are the best-kept secrets of work-from-home life. However, remote work has also been challenging in many other ways. The emotional stress from isolation is real and working parents have been forced to balance their lives in unique new ways. 

Maintaining consistent productivity at home can be difficult, especially if you have to take care of your children at the same time. But with the right process and mindset, anyone can sustain a productive work/life balance while working at home.

Everisers came together to the classic 80's hit song, "I Think We're Alone Now," to show the lighter side of facing these challenges with a smile.


Here are four tips for families to stay positive and productive at home:


1. Follow a schedule and set boundaries

Maintain productivity by following a schedule and setting boundaries that enable you to focus on your tasks. Maintain the structure of your day the same as it would be if you were working in the office. By following a schedule that you can stick to, you can get things done without distractions.


2. Communicate with your family members

Let your family know about your schedule and ask them beforehand if they need anything during certain times of the day so you can adjust according to their needs. Inform them of any meetings you have scheduled within the day so you won't be interrupted once they start. 


3. Be flexible with your family

Working at home means more flexibility to do chores and tasks on the side. Finish your laundry in between work and meetings or reward your kids with some playtime for letting you work uninterrupted. Spending time with your family can also be a form of mental reset during a hard day's work. 


4. Take a break and have fun

All work and no play can ruin anybody's day. Try reading a book or pursuing a hobby to freshen up and give yourself a breather. Do activities that help you relax and feel at peace during your scheduled break hours so you can get through the day without stressing yourself out. 


Once your actual work hours are over, reassess how your day went and think about how you can improve your remote work routine. Working at home can take some time getting used to, but with a well-built structure and cooperation from the family, it will be easier to cope with the new normal.


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