Posted by Everise on Nov 15, 2019
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Nov 15, 2019
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At the core of any business there are customers, but to provide experiences that go above and beyond expectations, there are  two prominent pieces in an ever changing customer satisfaction puzzle to consider.
CEO Sudhir Agarwal of Everise believes that a Customer Experience company needs both people and technology to succeed. In his blog Taking CX to the Next Level, Sudhir explains, “It’s really about making sure that your experiences are people powered. People are in the middle of this whole thing.”
In his latest blog, Sudhir explains how companies will rise above the rest in three main ideas:
  1. Create a safe, personalized experience using technology without being invasive
  2. Empower, not enslave, the user with technology
  3. Bring both customers and employees closer together through technology
“Companies that manage to get technology to work for its people and who are customer-first, employee-first and people-first are the ones rising to the top,” he added. “Although companies today have a long way to go to strike a perfect balance between the two, we are on the right path to creating greater experiences.”
Leveraging people and technology to elevate customer experiences should be the focus of organizations, now and in the future.
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