Posted by Everise on Aug 4, 2021
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At Everise, we want to build a family of like-minded individuals who share our values by developing a culture that is people-first, celebrates diversity, and incubates innovation. We call our Everise family members "Champions," and we value their presence and contributions to our continued growth and evolution as an organization.

In this special edition of our People of Everise series, we're featuring our tenured Champions who stayed with us through the years and became vital members of our growing family. We're highlighting their experiences as they share more about themselves, their stories, and their Everise journey.

Meet Maria Rosalynn "Lynn" Salazar, Operations Manager from the Philippines. 



For over 10 years, Lynn has been a part of our Everise family. According to Lynn, most people view her as someone who keeps to herself, but those who know her personally will tell you otherwise. Lynn loves nothing more than sharing ideas and talking about topics that interest her over a cup of coffee.

"I may seem to be a very quiet person, but I'm very talkative outside. I love having a coffee with someone and there's a lot of things that I can talk to with that person."


As an Operations Manager, Lynn makes sure that she's well-connected with her team members. For Lynn, communication is an important part of her role, and she believes that for things to go smoothly at work, everyone needs to be heard.

"I would normally schedule meetings with all of my team managers just to address the issues that we have for the week. I also take the time to to speak with any agents who have sent me messages and would want to speak with me. This includes any client calls that we need to attend to."


Lynn was also part of our workforce that adjusted to remote work during the pandemic lockdowns. Despite having to work around the limitations of remote working, Lynn and her team found a way to overcome the challenges they faced. Eventually, they managed to adopt new ways of working by helping each other and making sure that everything goes well.

"It was quite challenging at first because you're not able to see the expressions of the agents, how are they dealing with the coaching and all that stuff. But right now, we have managed to actually do video coaching sessions. We also managed to schedule triad sessions with them. And with regards to the the managers that I'm handling, everything is actually scheduled just to make sure that everything goes well for them."


When asked about what made her stay with Everise for over 10 years, Lynn claims that it’s because she never felt like her role was “work” at all. For Lynn, working in Everise was like working with a second family, and that she receives all the support she needs from everyone she’s worked with throughout her career.

“It's more of like working in a family. It's not really “work” for me. I have the best support coming from the upper and lower people that I'm working with.”


At Everise, we ensure that we put the spotlight on the people behind our success. That’s why we are featuring employees from different walks of life and shedding a little light on the people of Everise. Learn more about our Manila Experience Center and our people just like Lynn today!


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