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Oct 11, 2019
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Part-time E-gamer, Part-time Operations Supervisor- this is how Kim Langer of Everise Twin Falls identifies herself. Her experience as an avid gamer has taught her valuable lessons that she was able to apply in her tasks as an employee.

Kim’s awakening on the fascinating world of gaming started when she was a kid. Her dad brought her a Nintendo 64 and played Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In these games, Kim embarked on an adventure to save a princess and defeat the forces of evil. Being able to dive into this adventure and go wherever she wanted to go made the whole gaming experience “awesome.”

Since then, she has played countless video games that kept her excitement and passion going. She also built strong relationships with other players because of her leadership in a guild. Leading them to victory against raid bosses is what gives Kim a sense of fulfillment.

“It takes a lot of coordination, communication and planning to get that (defeat raid boss) done. And the fact that we were able to come together. Just all of these people that were never accepted by higher-end guilds to come together and be able to do that was great.”

Outside of the gaming universe, Kim is busy supervising her agents to provide a seamless omnichannel customer experience. She continues to provide excellent customer service thanks to her background in playing video games.

“One of the things with gaming that I incorporate with work is that it goes hand in hand with raiding because you have to work with a large group of people. You have to communicate with all of them. Some of them have different personality types, so you have to approach them in certain ways, you have to assign certain roles.”

Learning these skills online makes it easy for Kim to manage her team and nourish customers even in stressful situations.

In the end, Kim acknowledges her team for making her life in Everise Twin Falls as fun and exciting as the games she loves to play.

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