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Oct 16, 2019
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Becoming a part of the Everise team was a fortunate stroke of serendipity for Edgar Yslas, a supervisor from Everise Tucson. Before moving in the United States to follow his parents, he was a student-athlete playing soccer in college under scholarship. Unfortunately, he got injured which led him to lose his scholarship.

“My dad moved over here first when I was in college. Once I got hurt from playing soccer, I was unable to pay for the other half of the scholarship. It got really expensive for myself that’s why I came over here and moved in with my parents,” Edgar elaborates.

What seemed like an unfortunate circumstance turned out to be serendipitous moment for Edgar. He moved to US and unlocked a lot of opportunities for him, eventually becoming a supervisor for Everise Tucson.

Being a soccer player has been instrumental in his leadership role. He integrated the value of teamwork and stressed its importance in achieving the goal of any team.

“Soccer taught me a lot more than just being in my job. In soccer, it takes a lot of people to be successful in the field. I can bring that here as it takes all of us to be successful from managers, to agents, to OMs, and it just goes up the ladder. As long as the teamwork’s there, we can all be successful.”

Edgar has always been a fighter form being a student-athlete to a leader here at Everise. And this something that he likes to share to his team every moment that he can.

At Everise, we ensure that we put the spotlight on the people behind our success. That’s why we are featuring employees from different walks of life and shedding a little light on the people of Everise.

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