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Nov 6, 2019
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Becoming a leader is a challenging but a very fulfilling experience. Jamaria Rutledege, a Supervisor form Everise Las Vegas, is a testament to this. At a young age, she challenged her capabilities by enrolling in advance honors classes in high school. Her persistence and hard work paid off as she eventually graduated with honors. The laser focus determination that she displayed in her young years is still evident today, especially in her role as a Supervisor here at Everise.

Aside from Jameria’s scholastic achievements, it was her Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) class in high school that significantly contributed to her leadership skills.

“ROTC did help me move up in leadership because I just know I learned a lot of leadership qualities; how to talk to people, how to relate to people, read how certain people are,” said Jameria.

These skills that she developed in her ROTC class have been instrumental in her role as a Supervisor. Even though, she faced some challenges in her position, she was able to push through and deliver, transforming herself into a leader within the company.

“Being promoted to supervisor wasn’t easy at first because I had no idea what to do. But I learned from my peers and I think I’m doing pretty good.”

When she’s not working, Jameria enjoys expressing herself creatively through drawing and painting. Like most people, her love for drawing started when she was young. She never received any formal training in the arts which is amazing.

“One of my hobbies is drawing. I can draw and paint really well, but I’ve never been taught, never been in art class or anything like that. So, when I was little, I picked up the pen and was able to draw. I kinda taught myself, I guess. I never really took classes, so people were pretty surprised when they see my drawings and artwork.”

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