Posted by Everise on Jan 29, 2020
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Jan 29, 2020
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Deepening your knowledge of a language is essential for developing your communication skills. And for our Everiser, Dwayne Freeman, a Licensed Benefit Adviser at our McGregor Experience Center, it’s something that he actively seeks.


Dwayne originally came from the city of Troy in Texas before joining the Everise McGregor family. One interesting thing about Dwayne is that he loves to read the dictionary on his spare time.

“I grew up in a small-town two-way city Troy, Texas. I really like, or at least enjoy, reading into the dictionary. Learning about new words and seeing the meanings and how they can be applied in everyday speech really does interest me. I try to practice it, a lot of the time I might butcher or misuse one of the words, but it does come in hand and it does happen. But hopefully in the future I can really know the Webster dictionary from front to cover.”


This is particularly helpful for Dwayne, as he is engaged in communicating with a lot of customers. However, becoming better at a language is just one part of the challenge of being in the customer experience industry.

“The most challenging is knowing that there’s not always a thing you can do to assist somebody. Sometimes there will be certain situations that you can handle right then and there. For me, I definitely like to show the care that they do get everything resolved in that one phone call.”


Despite the challenges, he still finds assisting customers enjoyable and worthwhile.

“The most interesting part is really meeting the new people that I speak to every day. No one person out of the two years that I’ve been taking calls has been the same. Everybody has their own unique personality, their own way of speech. Everything about them is different and I take interest in that.”


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