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Nov 18, 2019
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As the USA was settled inland from the east and west coasts, one of the final regions to see the establishment of cities was the Great Basin, home to Mojave Desert and some of the least hospitable land in the world.

The rare 19th century settler of the area, usually looking for silver, never could have imagined what would eventually come to sit on the land now occupied by Las Vegas, Nevada.


Today, Las Vegas is home to 2.5 million people and one of the highest rates of economic and population growth in the US, making it the perfect place to build a vibrant customer experience center. In 2014, C3|CustomerContactChannels – since acquired by Everise – did exactly that, adding a vital component to the Everise organization.

If there is a single word to describe both the city of Las Vegas and the Everise Experience Center there, it would be: energy. In each case, you can feel it upon arrival. People – both tourists and Everise employees – show up to have experiences you simply can’t have anywhere else.

Our Las Vegas Experience Center fills two floors across 54,000 square feet, accommodating 737 workstations. We manage contacts for four different clients there, each in the field of healthcare – known to be some of the most demanding work in the CX business. Our Las Vegas agents have a reputation for being among the best in their field.

Las Vegas is one of several Everise Experience Centers located in six countries across three continents. Together, we elevate over 500,000 interactions per day.

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