Posted by Everise on Oct 30, 2020
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The CXP Best Customer Experience Awards 2020™, is the first and only regional awards for excellence in customer experience, as judged by customers. As a global Customer Experience company, Everise has won numerous awards in the CX industry by consistently transforming customers into fans, and products into passions. We encourage others to get the recognition they deserve and share it with the world at the CXP Best Customer Experience Awards!

Nominate today by following these 3 easy steps:

Step 1 

Complete the enclosed participation form or fill up online at
Step 2  Select a minimum of 20 customers to conduct the survey.
Step 3 Receive survey codes and completion of survey.
Deployment Procedures

Surveys are deployed to participant’s active users guided by CXP Velocity Customer Selection Guide to ensure robustness and representativeness.

Validation surveys are conducted by appointed research firm to reduce incidences of internal bias.


How many applications can I submit?
As the CXP Best Customer Experience Awards 2020™ is market-specific, you may submit application for any and all markets, as nomination opens for each market.

Should I submit my company, brand or product?
The named nominee (and hence award recipient, if you win) should be your Company, not your brand or product. However, should you win, deliverables may include testimonials and information which can include your brand(s) and product(s) where applicable.

Do I need to submit any supporting documentation?
You are welcomed to summit presentation decks, CX reports (including CSAT/PSAT, CES, NPS etc) and customer testimonials if you wish to. However, as the industry’s first CX award judged by your own customers, all supporting documentations are optional and would serve as validation rather than the basis of judging.

Is there any additional cost involved?
There is an optional ceremony package that you can opt into if you are announced as a winner. If you choose not to partake in any package, you will still be given the full CXP Velocity Report™, including industry benchmarks as well as the Award Certificate. You also get the CXP State of CX Report for free when they become available annually.

Can I know who are my competitors participating?
All entries are treated with the strictest confidence. Even internally, participants scores and processes are on a strictly need-to-know basis. As such, we are not able to share any information on other participants, nor would we share your information with anyone. Exception to this is when you are announced a winner - in which case, your name (and other information approved by you) will be disclosed as part of the publicity plan.

What if I only want to take the CXP Velocity Survey™?
Many participants do exactly that. CXP Velocity Survey™ is an excellent validation of your current CX measurements - and a relatively painless effort at that. Simply let us know!

Customer Experience is the new Marketing

Customer Experience is seeing a rebound in importance, as it rightly should. The world woke up to the fact that customers must rightly be at the heart of every organisation. The internet, e-commerce (and mobile commerce) and social media has flattened the value proposition for brands. Products and services (and brands by extension) have become increasingly commoditised and the key differentiator for most companies and all brands has shifted to customer experience. And there’s no turning back. Customer Experience is the new Marketing.


Customers are the best judgers for Customer Experience

The CXP Best Customer Experience Awards 2020™ is judged not by industry peers, ‘gurus’ or consultants, but by customers. The result is not only an endorsement of a company as a leader in customer experience but also an important feedback loop on CX performance.

The CXP Velocity Model is the next level in validation of customer experience practices. It measures CX across four dimensions, and results are rated against industry average, and adjusted based on physical site audit.


    Going beyond individual transaction to CES at multiple touch point and across the CX journey.

    Focus on consistency and replicability not just CSAT and PSAT.

    Understanding how CX design is converting non-believers and distractors
    into advocates through active engagement.

    Going beyond the concept of NPS to understanding how far customers would go to evangelise a brand.

Learn more about the CXP Best Customer Experience Awards 2020™ by visiting their website at


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