Posted by Peter Butler on May 6, 2020
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May 6, 2020
Posted By: Peter Butler

At Everise, we are repeatedly asked by clients how they can improve their product life cycles, and our answer inevitably comes back to Systematic Insights® (SI). But the SI process doesn’t begin the moment a product hits the market.

In fact, the best way to improve any product life cycle is to utilize SI before the product is released – the earlier, the better!

A 2020 study conducted by Parks Associates confirms that consumers will abandon a brand’s products if the setup process is perceived to be difficult, or if the support options are not ideal. Addressing these potential problems before a product is released has a major impact on brand loyalty. By analyzing products prior to their release, SI doesn’t just find the bugs; we study, document, and ultimately improve the customer experience before there even is one.

We realize that user expectations don’t always align with how a product is designed to work, so we’re here to help you adapt to those differences and proactively address them. Our team of experts takes care to understand the journey your diverse set of users go through, making sure to view every part of the experience from their perspective, including the support experience. Understanding the true customer journey is the real key to identifying problems before they happen.

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Pre-Release and Beta Stage

When it comes to pre-release products, it is critical to foster a collaborative, welcoming, and fun environment for your testing population to encourage the best engagement and product feedback. This is where the experience of the SI team in the realm of beta testing truly shows. Our analysts’ ability to engage and inspire testers to action is remarkable, and it’s how we gather the best, most actionable data for our clients. When beta testing is done right, it’s like magic, and when you have a team that is able to work with users to approach your product from an angle that no one else previously considered, that’s when you’ll notice the things you never even knew to look for.


Post-Release & Growing

Once your product is ready to move into production, the SI team will continue to be a resource, collecting data and tracking any issues that arise. We focus first on the Early Field Failure Analysis (EFFA) time period, then on the sustaining phase of the product life cycle. The obvious benefit of having the same team support your product in both the pre-release and post-release phases is that there is essentially no learning curve - they’re already experts the first day that product is shipped. The less obvious benefit comes from the data the team is able to gather from your larger pool of users regarding how you can improve the next generation of your product (or complementary products you may plan to release).

There is virtually no limit to what you can discover and accomplish when you have relevant, actionable data from a team of experts. Thanks to our unique approach and methodology, the Systematic Insights team has set the standard for meaningful data collection, helping major companies significantly improve their product life cycles.


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