Posted by Everise on Apr 24, 2020
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On April 22 2020, Sudhir Agarwal, Founder and CEO for Everise, and Ryan Hollenbeck, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing for Verint hosted a webinar for over 500 participants, providing guidance on how businesses can adapt and respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

During their conversation, they covered seven main points. Watch the full webinar here. 

1. Act fast with your manpower and IT infrastructure

Sudhir shared how our strong partnership with BlueJeans enabled us to transition into a work-at-home environment in only 2 days!


2. Build a strong digital infrastructure for remote operations and performance management

There are 5 core pillars to a strong remote work model:

  • Remote recruitment and onboarding
  • Virtual training and learning
  • Real-time communication and collaboration tools
  • Performance management and analytics tools
  • Secure, scalable and sustainable Infrastructure 


3. Ensure your brand and culture are well-represented

Fostering a people-first culture is the best way to ensure your teams perform well. It’s no accident that Everise has one of the industry’s highest Glassdoor ratings and average client NPS scores.


4. Create a secure virtual environment
Sudhir discussed how Everise utilizes a fully managed Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and multi-layered security solutions, alongside our PCI, SOC2, HIPPA and HiTrust compliance, enable agents to work remotely without jeopardizing customer data.


5. Augment your home-based support teams with AI

Chat and voice automation software help brands to manage volume spikes, enabling agents to focus on delivering a great experience. Sudhir also shared his personal perspectives on the impact of AI on jobs through an anecdote of our work with a leading ASEAN Bank. The DX team automated thousands of hours of work for their Human Resource department, empowering the helpdesk team to do higher-value work.


6. Balance CX and operational efficiency

Sudhir shared how shared Everise uses our proprietary data and analytics tools alongside our dedicated work-at-home operations teams to enable high performing home-based experiences. We have proven that work-at-home teams can achieve higher productivity and performance metrics when compared to their brick and mortar colleagues.


7. W@H isn't going anywhere

During the question period, I shared how we believe that this will greatly influence the future of the BPO industry. Everise projects that 50% of our workforce will remain in a home-based environment. We are firm believers that a blended and distributed strategy is the optimal one.



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