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Jan 31, 2019
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Today’s technology made people more connected, not just with other people but with home appliances as well.

This is the Internet of Things (IoT), where humans have access to TV, phone, refrigerator, washing machine, showers, air-conditioning units, lights and more via the Internet. This connection also emits data that can be used to improve the way people live and make their lives more efficient.

The internet of things is an innovation that results in a better knowledge of how we live and work. It opens opportunities to lower costs and get healthier choices. However, it also adds complexity. For example, when a smart washing machine stops working, a user cannot simply call a plumber or electrician or fix it themselves. They will have to seek help from the developers or software engineers to properly fix the machine.

This requires brands to elevate their customer service and properly support their clients. IoT pushed the boundaries of customer management and required agents to be technically adept to fully support customers. The ability to comprehend complex technical problems and solve them from far away is imperative. And this is the ability that Everise wants to provide when they acquired Trusource Labs back in 2018.

Trusource Labs is a US tech company based in Austin, Texas. It stood out for several reasons.

First, the company is excellent at what they do, delivering help desk and customer services to technology-related products and services. Most of which need sophisticated technical skills to solve.

Second, Trusource Labs fits Everise’s diverse and people-centric culture. It is a company that has a great reputation, marquee clients, is innovative and creative and these positive traits will open incredible opportunities for Everise as they continue to transform customer experience.

Lastly, the company further prepare Everise for the future, where everything goes digital and IoT is common to each household.

With Trusource Lab, Everise can future-proof companies, as the world shifts into a complex innovative era where everything is interconnected, and customer service should be instant.


*Since writing this, Trusource Labs is now Everise PX.

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