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Apr 19, 2019
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Now it its third year, the D-awards organized by the Malaysian Digital Association recognized Hyperlab, an Everise company, in 5 different categories for its innovative way of leveraging AI to empower customer and employee experiences.

Hyperlab, who previously work along brands like Zurich Insurance and Hong Leong Bank, also won the Gold for the Best Tech Developer during the awards night.

Leading ASEAN bank, Hong Leong Bank (HLB), planned to build a large Helpdesk Team that needed to support their existing over 8,500 employees and process recruitment for new hires.

So, in 2018, HLB worked with Everise to hire HALI as an Intelligent Assistant that would deliver outstanding employee experience while also improving HR productivity. HALI was integrated into HLB’s Human Resource Management system and trained to understand over 10,000 questions, HALI successfully provided substantial answers to employee enquiries about policy, benefit and other HR-related questions. HALI also automated core processes like creating employment letters.

Later in the year, HALI was also equipped with psycho linguistics and machine learning capabilities to empower it as a screening assistant and support talent acquisition. Built based on HLB’s central requirements, it easily detects the skills of the candidates and categorize them whether they are digitally literate, analytical or has the right personality for the job.

HALI and Everise innovative solution won three awards in Mobile, Data and Platform categories.

Everise and Start Media group also won an award for their sex education chatbot that educated Malaysians on this sensitive but timely topic.

“In today’s hyper-connected world, we’ve allowed technology to disconnect us. At Hyperlab, we believe that your business should move at warp speed, not your people. Our passion for using the elements of AI to replace bad work for good is what really makes our use cases standout,” said SVP for Global Marketing, Chris Greenough.

In total, Everise won 6 awards namely:

  1. Gold for Best Platform Development: Predator in my Phone, The Star Media Group.
  2. Gold for Best Us of Digital Innovation (Non-profit): Innovating Sex Education, The Star Media Group)
  3. Gold for Best Tech Developer: Delivering ROI for AI, Hyperlab
  4. Silver for Best Use of Data: HALI: Screening Candidates with Data Science, Hong Leong Bank
  5. Bronze for Best Mobile Experience: HALI: Screening Candidates with Data Science, Hong Leong Bank
  6. Bronze for Best Platform Development: HALI: A Virtual Assistant Platform for Employees, Hong Leong Bank

D-awards recognize companies who leverage the power of digital technologies, which leads to a transformative way a consumer looks and engages with brands. It is participated by industry experts from companies like The Star Media Group, Sizmek and Media Prima Digital. The award categories include Best Use of Data, Best Platform, Best Use of Digital Innovation and Best Use of Mobile. D-awards see a 45% increase from last year’s entries. 68 finalists were shortlisted from 38 joining agencies and publishers.

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