Posted by Everise on Aug 18, 2021
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In this installment of our Championing Diversity & Inclusion series, we're featuring Everise Director of Marketing and Communications, Cariann Moore.

As a global communicator, marketer, and events leader, Cariann has over 16 years of valuable communication branding experience, which has been vital in our mission of sharing diverse cultures within our organization.


Cariann's personal goal of making employees love where they work has enabled us to evolve our people strategies, empower our culturally diverse workforce, and help our Champions feel connected to their roles and purpose as members of our Everise family.

In our interview with Cariann, she shares why diversity is a key factor in creating a culture of inclusivity and growth and how Everise has evolved the workplace for our Champions around the world. Cariann also talks about how Everise faced the challenges of COVID-19 and how she is empowering the next generation in her own way through her role with Everise.


Q: Why is diversity important to our success?

A: We are so lucky here at Everise to be a global international company and one of our best assets is that you have the ability to work with people from all over the world. You get to learn about their culture, and they get to learn about yours.


Q: Why is Everise a great place for women to work?

A: At Everise, we really harness the power of women through our experiences. We bring women in, and we train them up. We have a very broad and diverse group of women leaders from our supervisors to our managers, all the way up into our chief people officer and to our head of legal.


Q: How has Everise fared during COVID-19, and what have been the most tangible impacts and challenges?

A: When COVID-19 started, Everise really decided to lead the pack in our industry and make sure that our people were safe as quickly as possible. So we moved people home, we gave them the support that they needed, and for the last year, most of our employees have been able to be productive, get paychecks, fulfill their needs every day - in the comfort of their own homes.


Q: As a female leader, in what ways are you empowering the next generation?

A: Being a leader and a female leader here at Everise, I do take it as a personal responsibility to make sure that I am training the women who come up underneath me, that they get the very best experiences, and they get the opportunity to shine.


Cariann's contributions to our digital marketing strategies have enabled us to communicate our message of diversity and evolve experiences for our Champions globally. Alongside our leadership teams, she continues to evolve our culture into what it is today.



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