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Jan 31, 2019
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2019 is an exciting year for the customer service industry as innovations and key markets continue to grow. While technologies transform and become more sophisticated, few things stay the same in the customer service industry- customers consider a company’s customer service before buying or getting a service. Likewise, they still prefer human interaction when they encounter problems.

As customer tastes and habits become more complicated, and the data about brands much easier to access, we can already see emerging trends this year.

Personalized Customer Experience

Since more and more people are open to the fact that companies have access to their customer’s data to improve their service, they will be comfortable in getting personalized services to improve customer experience. In 2017, 71% of customers were frustrated about impersonal customer service and because of tech development, customers now expect brands to understand their preferences better.

AI and RPA Will Improve Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automations (RPA) will continue to speed up customer service, while providing accurate data that agents can easily pullout. This means less time on mundane clerical tasks but improved customer engagement.

Rise of Data-led Predictive Customer Service

Big Data and analytics will make data more accessible, which can understand true customer behavior. This will also help brands to predict issues and customer patterns to improve customer satisfaction. In turn, companies can further enhance customer satisfaction. For example, potential product defects will be solved quickly, and the affected customers can be informed faster.

Emergence of Chatbot Support Service

Chatbots will continue to be accepted by customers as a useful and helpful means to support them. Ultimately, companies that understand omnichannel customer service will attract customers at a higher rate.

These trends show how technology is making customer service faster and more sophisticated and that companies should adapt them to provide what customers really want- efficient and effective service.

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