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May 20, 2021
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Parks Associates recently hosted the second event in their Connection Community series, where Peter Butler, General Manager Everise PX for Everise was a panel member. This event focused on supporting remote workers with a smarter home, where the challenges of adaptability to global changes were a focus. Discussions on this topic ranged from controlling the work-at-home environment for sensitive transactions, and privacy concerns

If 2020 taught us anything, it was the need for quick adaptation and flexibility. This was seen predominantly when the need to shift to a work-at-home environment became a requirement as the world fell into lockdown. What was once a casual consideration became a need within a short period of time.

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Peter Butler pointed out that “[Everise] had a successful work-at-home model for some time” but went on to mention that the change to predominantly working from home still presented some challenges, especially when it came to making sure that transactions and customer information remained secure.

Being able to have a secure home environment is particularly essential when you are working with sensitive material. “Some of the clients we work with never considered a work-at-home option because they have a high need for certain privacy compliance. We have healthcare clients where member security and privacy is paramount”, Butler stated, “We have solutions to address every level of security that our clients require.”

“Depending on the nature of the work we use a combination of protocols to ensure that all privacy and security standards are followed including end-point security and privacy controls with remote desktop monitoring, mobile device and application management, non-persistent virtual machines with smart access security, two factor authentications with facial recognition, and physical environment monitoring. If these measures aren’t enough for a client we still have the ability to bring our workforce into our secure office locations as needed.”

- Peter Butler, General Manager Everise PX


In this way, Everise has been able to adapt to the changes and challenges presented to make the service to our clients seamless, frictionless, and secure for the customers and products we support. Now, more than ever, the ability to transform and evolve without losing any of the value or integrity is essential.

To support our clients in this way we need to support our workers, whom we like to call Champions—the ones who deliver empathy, knowledge, and care to those who need are in need support. David Henry, Senior Vice President of Connected Home Products at Netgear, pointed out that “it’s an employees' market – if you don’t adapt to their needs you’ll lose out on that talent”.

Part of that support is technical support, which is one of the main needs of an at-home employee.

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Speaking on the shift to a full work-at-home model during the lockdowns Butler spoke to the logistics of getting new equipment out to all of the employees. “Everyone had a need for devices they could use in their home for the type of work they were doing in the office”, Butler said, “Thankfully, with our global footprint, much of that was already at our fingertips- but we did update a lot and give new equipment to our employees in their homes”. The idea surrounding this, Butler went on to explain, was that the work from the home hybrid model was going to continue to be much larger than it was in the past so we wanted to invest in it to ensure we remain adaptable.

The numbers are there to support this logic, with Scott Lever, founder, and CEO of Zobi, mentioning that “it was projected that 20% would be permanently working from home, but the reality is closer to 60%. This is, in part due to benefits employees found in a work from home model.

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While uncertainty remains with us it is important to have the ability to stay operational during global changes. Businesses are shifting to a hybrid model moving forward, allowing tools to be on-hand in case of work-at-home becomes a requirement again. At Everise we pride ourselves on our adaptability and flexibility- keeping our service secure, safe, and supported for our clients and our employees.

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