Posted by Judd Bagley on Aug 7, 2020
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Aug 7, 2020
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It’s a central challenge confronting CX operations: how to economically retain the most qualified and experienced talent when single client support demand fluctuations may not justify their year-long employment? This is an especially thorny mess to untangle when working to retain notoriously difficult-to-recruit licensed agents whose certifications are indispensable, though maybe only a few months at a time.

Fortunately, Everise solved this problem.

We’ve strategically assembled a list of clients whose spikes in demand regularly and predictably occur during distinct times of the year.

Here are two examples of complementary client configurations we employ to smooth out cyclical demand, year-round. 

Synergies in hiring for the Healthcare, Finance and Travel industries.

There are only two certainties in life, the need for health insurance and taxes. Our licensed healthcare agents who empathetically manage concentrated demand from open enrolment periods transition to support the enormous spikes cause from tax filing deadlines. These same CX champions then slide smoothly over to support summer travellers. Each of these industries requires a delicate touch and deal with sensitive customer information. 


Everise CX - Countercyclical staffing for design Chart 1

Correlative traits between Entertainment, Retail and Product Support agents. 

During the summer months, our support agents are busy assisting the normally bustling entertainment industry, before gearing up to tackle the spiking demand caused by holiday shoppers. Once the new year arrives, these same agents support the influx of consumers who need help setting up their new smart home gifts.


Everise CX - Countercyclical staffing for design Chart 2

Our diverse client makeup produces an aggregate demand profile that permits retention of top talent through the year.

With our tech stack in the cloud, primarily home-based workforce and remotely delivered coaching, we’re able to smoothly move talented, tenured and often licensed agents between client programs in ways that minimize downtime, recruiting and training costs.

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