Posted by Peter Butler on Apr 30, 2020
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Apr 30, 2020
Posted By: Peter Butler

In every contact center, there’s at least one interaction that support agents tend to have over and over. It’s that issue the agents have handled so many times, they can essentially walk through it in their sleep.

At Everise, we’re not content to simply resolve those issues one-by-one; rather than address the symptoms alone, we want to understand the truth behind what drives customers to contact support. This is why we created Systematic Insights® (SI).

The SI Method applies to both products and services and uses three distinct approaches: Process Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Self Help, and Communication & Transparency. These approaches help reduce contacts for support channels, including phone calls, chats, emails, and social media posts.

The SI Method

1. Process Root Cause Analysis

We start by applying our proprietary RCA methodology to contact center processes, allowing us to definitively target specific areas for improvement that impact first contact resolution (FCR). Through this process, we uncover opportunities, assess risks, and provide solution strategies for agent training, knowledge and positioning, unexpected product or service behavior, and more.


2. Self-help

Next, we analyze self-help resources, and the customer experience surrounding them. This can include physical resources (product packaging & marketing materials), online resources (community forums, troubleshooting guides & FAQs), in-app resources, or any other place the user may seek guidance. By connecting customers to information that allows them to resolve their own issues or clarify their perceptions of expected behavior, we’ve shown that we can significantly reduce support contacts and the costs associated with them. Ultimately, we believe the most satisfied customers are the ones who never have to contact support.


3. Communication & Transparency

Finally, we promote a culture of transparency and knowledge transfer by effectively communicating the results of our analyses back to the client in a digestible and actionable format. By producing accessible real-time analysis of emerging issues to all appropriate lines of business, we’re able to partner with our clients to further reduce the risks associated with large-scale outages and other high-impact issues that would normally produce spikes in contact volume, seasonal or otherwise.


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