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Nov 5, 2020
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Leading APAC bank, Hong Leong Bank (HLB), has been growing substantially over the years. Much like scaling customer support, HLB had to build a large Helpdesk team that required a substantial investment of time and resources by the Human Resource Department (HR) who handled over 23,500, often repetitive, email & phone enquiries.

Aligned with HLB’s “Digital to the Core” mission, they sought a digital platform that could optimise this part of their business and cater to an increasingly digital workforce.

The Everise Blueprint team, the advisory arm of Everise DX, conducted multiple workshop sessions with HLB’s internal stakeholders to understand the banks business requirements and the challenges they faced. Through the analysis and applying design thinking, our team was able to automate all incoming queries using our Conversational AI platform, EXAGE.


Key Findings

The essence of HLB’s challenge was getting employees to adopt the chatbot and start to use it as a key resource, with the intention to fully to rely on it for their HR Helpdesk needs. Through rigorous user testing of various bot avatar designs and personas, our team developed a personal HR assistant that would fulfil all of HLB's employees HR needs.



Intelligent Helpdesk Assistant with a Winning Streak

Leveraging EXAGE Dojo, HLB hired HALI as an Intelligent HR Assistant to deliver Helpdesk support and improve departmental productivity. Integrated into HLB’s Human Resource Management System and trained to understand over 10,000 enquiries, HALI is able to give personal responses to policy, benefit and other related HR questions, as well as automate core processes, like the creation of employment letters and internal loan applications. HALI is also trained on multiple banking products to support Branch Operations.

HALI has established itself as a core member of HLB’s HR Department, assisting almost half of HLB’s workforce, who exchanges over 60,000 conversations yearly.

As a result, HALI has measurably impacted HLB’s HR productivity. By automating core services, HLB saves about 3,800 hours of yearly manual support, enabling the bank to close the Helpdesk department. The former team members upskilled and now perform higher value work in other departments.


A day in the life of HALI is certainly filled with many complex processes being simplified, thanks to the amazing chatbot’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This includes speedy and timely response to our users.” Says Fiona Fong, Head of Human Resources Hong Leong Bank.


HALI has also won multiple awards for its innovative use of HR Technology and is being tasked to support additional roles in the Banks HR department. Today, HALI responds to over 100,000 queries every year.

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