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Aug 15, 2017
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The Singapore-based venture will accommodate cross-selling for both firms and create a multi-lingual, cross shoring hub in Malaysia

Singapore, 15th, August , 2017—Everise, a partnership of the companies Sunrise and Everstone, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UBASE, one of the leading Korean BPO companies, to start a collaborative venture that will be based in Singapore. This joint venture aims to put these two exceptional BPOs, with their own unique strengths and capacities, to deliver outstanding experiences for their customers at a global standard.

Through this collaboration, UBASE will be able to expand its operations to include English-speaking call centers based in the East with the assistance of Everise’s call center unit, C3/CustomerContactChannels. This partnership will also allow Everise to be available for service in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean and help make the company a true global customer experience expert.

C3, a company under Everise, is providing support and services in both English and Spanish from its eight call centers found in the United States, Philippines, and Latin America with over 8,000 employees across these locations. C3’s dedication in providing top-notch customer service experiences is evident in its application of innovative leadership in every aspect of their business. With its high-caliber analytics, processes, and training methodologies, C3 is able to support its brand-focused clients in all of their needs. These innovations allow C3 to maximize each and every customer experience in various industries such as healthcare, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, and transportation.

This innovative and forward-thinking approach of managing client and customer relationship enshrined by Eversie is shared by UBASE, the largest call center in Korea. Since 1999, UBASE was able to amass 13,000 personnel that ensures top-quality customer contact support to Korea, China, and Japan. Their market includes both Korea-based companies and well-known multinational companies.

The joint venture of these two companies will also set up a new delivery hub in Malaysia that will offer multilingual solutions for everyone who needs it. This new center will offer services in all major languages of Southeast Asia and the Far East region but in a more economic cost while still serving world-class services to clienteles. Aside from services in Southeast Asian languages, it will also cater services in multiple European languages.

This ingenious business proposition will be possible by hiring native speakers. Through this, clients do not have to engage with multiple regional partners or insourced solutions to achieve the best language capabilities for its customers in the region. Having native speakers provide services and support elevates the customer experience. This hub will be based in Kuala Lumpur and will be completely operational by the end of this year.

“We are very enthusiastic about our partnership with Everise Holdings and C3 as it broadens our gamut of services to better serve our clients beyond Korea and the Far East. This comes as we continue our growth and expansion. We are looking forward to taking this partnership to the next level in the years to come,” - Daegun Hur, CEO, UBASE, on the signing of the MoU.

Sudhir Agarwal, CEO of Everise and C3, says, “At Everise, we are on a journey to build an experience company where we leverage cutting edge technology and Omni channel delivery to create fans for our clients, not just satisfied customers.

Furthermore, Agarwal stated that this joint venture with UBASE will “collectively heighten each company’s ability to provide the best possible experience” for their client’s customers. In the face of more domestic players serving domestic markets, this venture further aims to offer a more globalized service to reach further beyond the confines of their regions. 

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